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Gordon Ramsay’s New Joint at the Grove

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Dinner and a movie.

Simple. Yet... oddly complicated.

The traffic. The parking. Then more driving and more traffic and more parking.

If only you could streamline things. And maybe convince somebody like Gordon Ramsay to get you a burger and cocktails four steps from a multiplex...

Behold the rustic splendor of The Fat Cow, the classiest barn to ever serve you a pre-movie dinner from a TV-star chef, now open next to the theater at the Grove.

In terms of sheer proximity, this makes dinner and a movie about as easy as possible. Grab your tickets next door first, then head all the way to the back of the old-timey room—it’s like a barn with brick and bare bulbs and communal tables instead of horses—for a little two-top as far from the trolley as possible. They’ve got real comfort food happening here—lobster mac and cheese, a burger made with Kobe and short rib, and maybe most importantly, a full bar. You feel 37% more comfortable already.

And as for the name, let’s just say there’s no shortage of dairy—mostly ice cream. It comes in sandwiches and soft-serve and shakes, and there’s an old-fashioned counter up front if you want to grab something quick before the previews start.

Spoiler alert: it’s cold.

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