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Covell. Salt’s Cure. And Now This...

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First, there was Covell. It had wine. And it was good.

Then, there was Salt’s Cure. It had delectable meatstuffs. And it, too, was good.

And now, those guys from those things have decided to get together and make you a sandwich. And that... that is very good.

Introducing Storefront, a neighborhood deli from some folks who just want to take care of your deli needs, soft-opening today and fully opening Tuesday.

You’ve had your share of delicious red meat at Salt’s Cure. You’ve had more than your share of wine at Covell. And now, next door to Covell’s private room, you’ll find a classic deli filled with photos of classic delis. Very Inception.

Around sunup, stop in for a warm bacon-and-egg croissant sandwich and some black coffee. (That’s the only caffeine on offer here: black coffee.)

Come lunchtime, you’ll want a sandwich, obviously—you’ll see cured soppressata, roast beef and maybe some goat meat. Check the chalkboards to see what’s up. (They’re still getting everything in, so manage your goat-sandwich expectations accordingly for now.) But they’ll always have a simple burger, one patty or two. Yes, you can order some of that famous Salt’s Cure bacon on it. And yes, you can take a big square of that bacon home to cook up yourself.

Your bacon-cube parties are legendary.


4624 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027


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