Easy Rider

Scooter Sharing Is Here

None Amélie. Roman Holiday. The Talented Mr. Ripley.

All had one star in common: a curvy, sexy, mysterious... motor scooter.

Should you find yourself in need of something similar... there’s this.

Say hello to Scoot, a new local service that’s like Zipcar for electric scooters, in beta now.

You know Zipcar: handy car-sharing service. And you know electric scooters: handy vehicles, good for transporting some groceries and/or the occasional pixie-haired Amélie type. This combines those two things.

You’ll need an iPhone or Android (for the app) and your driver’s license (for... driving legally). Since these bikes max out at 30 mph, they’re classified as mopeds—downside: no wheelies. Upside: no motorcycle license necessary.

Then, when you need to dash, you’ll fire up the app to locate the nearest available scooter. Find it, dock your phone in the dashboard (this fires up your machine) and hit the gas. Your phone will function as the cockpit, displaying your speed, the battery’s charge (there’s a 25-mile range) and your ride time.

For now, most of the scooters are in SoMa, and you have to take them round-trip. But they’re rapidly expanding to other neighborhoods—and will add one-way trips soon after that.

One-way trips to, like, the Mission, though. Not Mexico or anything.

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