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Fine Leathery Stuff from Canada

None Phones don’t have feelings.

At least not yet. The ability to feel won’t be available until the iPhone 7S.

However... if they could... you know, feel... we have a pretty good idea what yours would be thinking right now.

“I’m chilly. Boy, could I use a leather jacket.”

And you’d say: “Sure thing, phone, coming right up.”

Meet Maple Supply Co., a rugged collection of rawhide goods for things like your phone, bankroll and... waist, available online starting Saturday.

So all this leathery goodness comes courtesy of a few guys from the Great White North. Guys who understand harsh winters, the intricacies of animal-hide tanning and the fact that sometimes a person just needs a flannel-lined leather overcoat for their cell phone.

For you, that time will be Saturday. You’ll go to this website, search their handmade leather lineup and begin outfitting your accessories for autumn. For starters, you’ll want their iPhone case—tanned bison hide, cognac-colored credit card pocket, flannel interior. Incredibly handsome/super-Canadian.

Then, perhaps, you’ll make the wise decision to add even more leather into your life. At which point you’d do well to take a look at their woven belts with weatherworn brass buckles, and their money tray. It’s made with a supple black chap base.

Your pocket change never had it so good.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Maple Supply Co.</a>, available online Saturday <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>

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