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Rib Eyes and Punch in... Palm Springs

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Friday afternoon. The time is now. Road trip.

Change into your camouflage suit, sneak out the back stairwell and jump behind the wheel.

Hey, you’ve gone a lot farther for a 40-ounce rib eye and a punch bowl full of rum...

Mentally pull your convertible into Workshop Kitchen + Bar, the astounding new cove of communal dining that Palm Springs has long deserved, soft-opening Sunday.

Think about it. Palm Springs is filled with those who appreciate high design, those who don’t mind a dinner that costs more than an immaculate mid-century credenza and those who are on television and boffing their costars on the sly. Of course, everybody’s been waiting for a place that looks like a fancy garage in 2049. (Call it mid-next-century.)

Come in with your navigator, settle into a stark concrete cove—a booth with walls that go all the way up—and put your phones away. You’ll be here awhile.

The chef has spent time tooling around a little three-Michelin-star restaurant in Burgundy, so he’s prepped to handle your desert needs involving octopus carpaccio and lobster terrine—or a huge 40-ounce rib eye for the table. He could also do you up a whole chicken or a whole roasted Texas redfish.

And while you’re sharing, the Bombay Government Punch has enough rum, cognac and green tea for 12.

Technically, you could also order a smaller bowl.


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