Things to do for September 20, 2012

The Weekender

A Weekend of Art and Gravy-Smothered French Fries

You’re now cleared for weekend.

Homaro Cantu Remakes Martin Scorsese

Homaro Cantu Remakes Martin Scorsese

The new 10-course dinner at iNG salutes the films of Martin Scorsese in the way you would expect a molecular gastronomist to do—e.g., taleggio cheese in the shape of a pistol (Goodfellas) and edible pool-cue chalk (The Color of Money). No word yet on who gets whacked.

Through November, $80-$100, iNG, 951 W Fulton Market, 855-834-6464

Mingling with the Artsy Crowd

Mingling with the Artsy Crowd

The first-ever Expo Chicago—a massive gathering of international artists, photographers, gallery girls in stilettos, collectors, old money, new money, art scenesters and pop-up cocktail lounges—opens at Navy Pier today. In other words, it’s your absolute best way to find something to hang above your sofa.

A Place to Drink and Pickle Things

A Place to Drink <i>and</i> Pickle Things

Pizza. Wine. Pickles. Sounds like a pretty full night to us. But at this party/benefit, you won’t just learn how to pickle your own giardiniera, you’ll also drink tequila cocktails, eat fresh mozzarella, gobble meatballs, munch crudo... basically, stuff you probably know how to do already.

Sep 20, 6-9pm, $40, Bar Toma, 110 E Pearson St, 312-266-3110

Here You Go: Nonstop Poutine

Here You Go: Nonstop Poutine

There’s nothing wrong with french fries smothered in gravy and topped with pulled pork and cheese curds. Nothing at all. But this all-the-poutine-you-can-handle terrace party will also have pulled-pork tacos, scallops with foie gras and cocktails standing by... in case you’d like to also handle them.

Your Barbecue Acumen Is Needed

Your Barbecue Acumen Is Needed

Saturday. Moonshine’s parking lot. It’s going down: 16 competitors, two tons of ribs, 1,000 people with very messy chins. It’s time once again to decide who has the best baby backs. We trust you will dispense your verdict impartially. But please. Wipe that chin first.

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