Mau or Never

Southeast Asian Street Food on Valencia

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Bad news: someone took your idea.

Good news: your idea was opening a Southeast Asian street-food joint on Valencia. And the person who took your idea says you can eat there...

Meet Mau, a trusty new canteen serving the kind of street food you’d find in Vietnam or Thailand, opening Sunday on Valencia.

This place is roughly equidistant between some of the busier cocktail bars on the street, so it’s in a prime spot for pit stops en route to or from 16th and 24th. It’s in an open-air market vein: an indoor/outdoor feel with big windows, huge woven lampshades and tables made out of reclaimed bleachers from a high school in Nebraska.

Take over the window-side counter seats overlooking Valencia. From here, you can study the comings and goings of the Mission crowd and devise your night’s strategy over mustard-green-wrapped halibut or pho in beef (or sometimes rabbit) form—paired with some Portuguese whites or something Alsatian.

Oh, and we should tell you that they’ll soon roll out a special spicy-only menu featuring lots of habanero and ghost peppers.

And by tell you, we mean warn you.

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