Dinner over the River

Down by the River

Extreme Alfresco Dining in the Catskills


You’ve been so busy crossing them, holding your breath on them and jumping them on red-white-and-blue Harleys that you’ve totally overlooked their potential to be restaurants.

Behold Dinner over the River, a group of epicurean rogues putting on dinners literally on a bridge in the Catskills. Oh, and UD Perks has saved you a reservation for their sold-out October 6 event.

If you’re wondering how a bridge becomes a restaurant, it’s pretty simple: these guys found the most picturesque bridge on the Neversink River (great river branding, by the way) and thought it’d make a good place for a feast. Then they talked to some of New York’s best chefs and convinced them to come out there to cook it.

The result: five-course meals like this next one put together by a former Bouley sous-chef. Your only duty is to pick up your ticket on Perks and show up (we can also arrange a ride if you need). Once you do, you’ll be greeted with some Catskills hospitality in the form of a cocktail.

Then have a seat. Take in the splendor. The chirping birds. The rolling river. Comment on the leaves to the bright-eyed stranger next to you. Mmm, yes, they are changing. Beautiful. Oh really? Fall’s your favorite season, too? Is that a northern reticulated chipmunk? That kind of thing. Then comes the meal (top secret). And the wine.

And finally, the bungee-jumping exit you’ve been planning all your life.


Dinner over the River
49 Ranch Hill Rd
South Fallsburg, NY, 12779

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