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Hotel Healdsburg’s New Italian Spot

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We’ll go ahead and state the obvious:

Our poolside days are numbered.

Which means only one thing to do: get a really nice bathing suit.

Okay, two things: get that swimsuit and head here...

Say hello to Pizzando, a dime-sized joint stocked with wood-fired pizzas and bottled Negronis, opening tomorrow inside Hotel Healdsburg.

So Hotel Healdsburg. Nice spot. Home to Dry Creek Kitchen. This is... a bit more casual than all that. There’s some redwood tables. A copper-topped stand-up bar. And if you ask nicely, they’ll take your food to your lounge chair or suite. Or actually, even if you don’t ask nicely. (But you still should.)

We’re seeing this place coming in handy after a long morning of wine tasting. You and your partner in crime: lounging in a hammock or by the pool. Hungry. Thirsty. Ready.

Our recommendation: the pizza bianca with burrata, arugula and grilled lemons (made by A16 vet/consulting chef Liza Shaw). They’ll deliver it, along with a few bottled Negronis, to your poolside command center. If you’ve worked up more of an appetite, you might prefer pork-belly/egg-yolk spaghetti alla chitarra, fried chicken or hanger steak with crispy bone marrow.

You might also prefer not to go back in the pool for a few hours.

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