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Jeans, Shirts and Weirdness from Maine

None Welcome to the first day of the rest of your week.

Should be a great one.

Let’s see, there’s the office. Discovering a new webstore out of Maine that has a bunch of really comfortable fall clothes...

Actually, that’s probably it for today.

Because something tells us you’ll be spending a good bit of time plowing through the virtual pages of Seawall, your new fall base camp for such Maine-made delights as red plaid button-downs, bomb-proof leather bags and the occasional jar of... medicinal bee pollen, online now.

Portland, Maine. That’s where these guys are. And if you could somehow bottle the essence of a lighthouse, a well-worn pair of jeans and an Instagram of the Gorton’s Fisherman eating a lobster roll, that’s what this site is.

Just some really plaid, really unshiny things to tailgate and/or burn leaves in. Like a brown, red or blue plaid button-down hand-stitched in Maine out of Japanese fabric. Or a pair of dark green Levi’s and a T-shirt with the Seawall wave logo above the pocket. Throw them over your body, do some September-y things and don’t make a big deal out of it.

And should you find yourself in need of an orange waxed-canvas tote, a big book of Polaroid shots or a terrarium filled with moss gathered from the midcoast region of Maine, they’ve got that stuff, too.

Thank God. You were running dangerously low on Maine moss.

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