HG Hot and Dirty

Let’s Get Dirty

Cheese, Salami and Vodka. Now Together.

None The scene: you’re sprawled out across the bed and feeling too wicked to move. (Tuesday client meetings are really starting to get out of hand.)

Hair of the dog is needed, and no mere Bloody Mary will do.

You need a game-changer.

Boom: presenting the HG Hot and Dirty, your new Beacon Hill martini involving vodka, manchego cheese and some ghost chili pepper salami, available now at Harvard Gardens.

What you have here is a great bowl of house-infused peppercorn vodka, dried green chilies, olive juice and pepperoncini brine, shaken hard over ice and strained into a martini glass.

Its color: somewhere between the Emerald City and Ecto Cooler (read: it’s neon green). Its taste: a bit tangy, with some delicate vodka notes and a subtle, peppery bite (you’re known to favor subtle biting... and pepper).

And since the best hair of the dog offers both food and drink, the rim of this concoction holds a chunk of manchego cheese, a giant pepperoncini and some thin-sliced salami infused with tequila and ghost chili pepper.

It’s safe to say you may want to be packing gum if you plan to return to work.


HG Hot and Dirty
available at Harvard Gardens
316 Cambridge St
Boston, MA, 02114

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