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A New Lair of Stone, Steel and Tequila

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There are those places where you probably don’t venture unless you have visitors from out of town.

Double-decker tour buses. Kennedy Center musicals. And until now, probably the Westin hotel.

But now there’s a reason to regroup there with some locals. It’s called tequila.

More specifically, it’s called Bóveda, a Latin-themed bar of stone and steel, now open belowground at the West End hotel.

Imagine a new-world Spanish mission. Now imagine the local friar had a particular fondness for tamales and tequila. That’s this place.

With a date, you’ll settle in at a secluded booth along the wall, where the walls are stone, the artwork overhead is metal and the seats are orange. Helping you get to know each other: classic Latin cocktails like pisco sours and micheladas, as well as some more adventurous options that may include green-pepper slices or bruised jalapeños. (Better them than your ego.)

But with a group, you can take over a few of the low lounge tables and keep things simple: a few bottles of Spanish beer and some tamales and chorizo empanadas to pass around, or maybe the whole-fish taco—a whole fried snapper, served with plenty of grilled tortillas.

Because one giant tortilla would be impractical.

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