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Custom-Made Tonic to Go

None Walk into your favorite gin joint, ask them for a gin to go. You won’t get very far.

But ask them for a tonic to go and the question may come: “Citrus, pear or arugula?”

So say hello to Chronic Tonics, available now at the Gin Joint at New Heights, making it another can’t-miss stop when you’re collecting provisions for your next cocktail party.

So there’s this bartender named Nicole. Loves her some tonic (gin, too). Makes some crazy ones, like lemongrass/coriander, orange blossom/lime and basil/pink peppercorn. Thought it would be a good idea to start bottling them up in convenient to-go format.

If you’re the planning type, you can call ahead and make sure she’s got some of her more adventurous tonics on hand, like apple/cherry (can’t go wrong with this and Plymouth gin for Thanksgiving) or watercress/arugula (if you need leafy greens, might as well get them with gin). She’ll even work with you to make a custom tonic (yes, the Fluffernutter tonic could soon be a reality).

But if you just find yourself facing a tonic emergency, you can always swing by and take your chances with what she’s got behind the bar, probably some citrus or ginger creations.

Note: hair tonic not yet available.


Chronic Tonics
available at the Gin Joint at New Heights
2317 Calvert St NW
(at Connecticut Ave)
Washington, DC, 20009

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