Tennis, Anyone?

Vintage US Open Style

A little tennis event called the US Open is currently happening in Flushing. It’s got you thinking about some of the sport’s legends. Some had devastating forehands. Some had denim shorts and spandex. Some had both. Before you are five ways to channel them. Game on.

The Warm-Up Jacket

The Warm-Up Jacket

It’s: What Johnny Mac hoisted his ’81 US Open trophy in.
Because: Lately you’ve been thinking you need a new trophy-hoisting jacket. It’s just time.
Intensity: “You cannot be serious.”

The Polo

The Polo

It’s: A shirt you want a little too tight, with a lot of confidence and no buttons buttoned. Glorious, flowing blond locks will also help.
Because: Of the pinstripes. Just fantastic.
Intensity: Six striped headbands.

The Racket

The Racket

It’s: How Ivan the Terrible got that vicious topspin. And three straight Open championships.
Because: It’s exceedingly difficult to beat anyone without a racquet.
Intensity: Seven steely Czech glares.

The Shorts

The Shorts

It’s: Well, probably the ’80s-est thing you’ll ever even think about wearing.
Because: The guys at Top Shelf are trying to verify that these were actually match-worn.
Intensity: On a scale of 10 fist pumps, an 11.

The Shoes

The Shoes

It’s: The shoe version of the early ’90s. You can practically see his bleached weave flailing just by looking at them.
Because: You’ve got to love Agassi. And come on, the shoe is called “Hot Lava.”
Intensity: 10 neon-green cycling shorts. Plus one mullet.

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