Agent Provocateur

Secret Agent

Haute Sex on Oak Street

We just talked to your girlfriend. She knows times are tough, so she's not expecting much for the holidays. Good thing we know a place that excels in nothing much.

Introducing Agent Provocateur, the first Chicago boutique for the upscale London-based lingerie brand, now open in a subterranean lair on Oak Street.

Agent's black-and-pink boudoir interior, all smoky mirrors and rose-patterned carpet, is like the repressed Anglo-Saxon collective id materialized in retail form. As you browse the skimpy collection of tastefully sexy robes, fishnets and thongs—each bearing a woman's name (the Monika, the Joan, the Naomi...bringing back a few memories?)—things appear as well-mannered as your average Gold Coast pajama party.

But as you start to scrape below the silky surface, you'll soon find a few more titillating pieces of expression: that Swarovski-tipped retractable riding crop not suitable for equestrianism (at least not the kind on ESPN2), a silk blindfold with perhaps the naughtiest words ever committed to pink script, and silk-tasseled handcuffs guaranteed not to rattle the bedposts.

Unless someone really wants them to.


Agent Provocateur
47 E. Oak St
(between Michigan and Rush)
Gold Coast
Chicago, IL, 60611

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