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Oakland’s New Montreal-Style Bagel Shop

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You’ve gone to great lengths for a good bagel.

Mail-order delivery. The occasional clandestine flight to a major bagel-ing hub back east. Googling “how to smuggle water from Brooklyn.”

To which we say: calm down. Because now you only have to head to the East Bay.

Meet Beauty’s Bagel Shop, a bagel-obsessed temple dishing out Montreal-style bagels and everything that goes on top of them, now open in Oakland.

That’s right: Montreal-style. Baker/partner/ex-Delfina chef Blake apprenticed at that city’s St-Viateur Bagel, where he learned to make their traditional hand-rolled bagels, which come boiled in honey-sweetened water and baked in a wood oven. They’re smokier and denser than New York bagels—and seeded on both sides. (Also, one half speaks French.)

If you’ve had Wise Sons Deli’s L.E.O. on a Saturday, you’ve had one of these. (They’ll actually be at Wise Sons every day starting in a few weeks.) But now, you can go directly to the source. Straight to the exposed-brick, vintage-jar-lit, walls-made-with-salvaged-redwood-from-a-century-old-fence-in-Sacramento... source.

The shop’s modeled after a traditional New York appetizing store, where they make bagel toppings (but no bagels). Your choices include chopped liver, smoked trout, lox and rotating cream cheese selections. For breakfast, you can get a bagel sandwich with egg, cheddar and chicken scrapple.

You’ve been meaning to eat more scrapple.


Beauty’s Bagel Shop
3838 Telegraph Ave
(at 39th)
Oakland, CA, 94609


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