Get Horizontal

Finally. . . Horizontal Corduroys

We've all had those drunken George Foreman-inspired conversations where we've spouted off the next sure-to-be billion dollar idea—bacon-flavored beer, designer toe-puppets and musical condoms.

Christopher Lindland, in one of these moments, looked down at his cords and said, "How come they don't make them horizontal?" So he did. After wearing one trial pair and getting a lot of love, Lindland quit his job to make Cordarounds.

The idea? Cords whose wales run horizontal. That's it.

And they're worth putting on. Cordarounds blew out of their cords in their first week on the site and the buzz has been growing ever since. This week launches their new Fall '05 line. You're guaranteed to get admiring comments from the ladies for being so darn offbeat yet approachable. They're also scientifically proven to be more aerodynamic (see their site). You figure out for what.

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