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4 Photos Tommy Guns
4 Photos Tommy Guns
Not that you're looking for your bartender to cut your hair, but a drink or two has been scientifically proven to pretty much enhance anything. And who are we to argue with science.

Tommy Guns, the first U.S. incarnation of the rock star London coed salon, is now open for a beer and a cut on the LES.

Tommy Guns isn't exactly what you picture when you think of hairstyling: It feels like you're going out for cocktails and deviled eggs at Freemans Alley just with haircuts instead of deviled eggs. And you could easily picture Doc Holiday or Keith Richards getting their manes touched up here, especially considering the Killers, Agyness Deyn and Michael Caine have all been snipped here (which bodes well for the Jude-Law-meets-Pete-Doherty look you're cultivating).
The services are pretty simple, but it's the decor (an old-timey subway station feel with nickel cabinets, black-and-white marble tiles and '20s-era light fixtures), the laissez-faire attitude and the booziness that make TG the kind of place you wouldn't mind popping by for a drink without the cut. On a recent stopover, we were impressed to find everyone tossing back drinks despite the owner's claim that Brits put us to shame in the boozing-during-a-trim category.

We smell a challenge.


Tommy Guns
138 Ludlow St
(between Rivington and Stanton)
Lower East Side
New York, NY, 10002


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