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The Second-Best Knife Sharpener in the World

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With Thanksgiving dinner comes great responsibility.

We're talking, of course, about carving the turkey, an honor you've been dutifully carrying out with the precision and grace of a pilgrim samurai for years.
But we may have just found a way for you to sharpen your game. Literally. Meet the world's second-best (his master is number one) knife sharpener, Chiharu Sugai, quietly plying his ancient trade in Tribeca at the Korin knife store.
While you may be familiar with Korin as the place all the big boys (Nobu, Ripert, Boulud, Bouley) go to get their toys, you'll want to get to know Chiharu if you're thinking of slicing open bird, hog or fish this season. After showing up at his master's workshop in Japan every day for three years, Chiharu was finally bestowed the apprenticeship honor and set out to making knives so sharp that your turkey will cower with fear (and potentially carve itself out of respect). He sharpens in a four-step process, and he has one of only two stone sharpening wheels in the world here in the Korin shop (so you know you'll have the most legit edge in town).
You're allowed to bring in your old blades, but you may want to consider a new food sword, custom-sharpened to fit your slicing technique and style.
Which could best be described as "controlled fury."


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