Baroque-Back Mansion

An Alfresco Party Palace in Italy

None 16 Photos Palazzo Gorgoni
Your political goals are simple: Italian prime minister or nothing.

Your main responsibilities would entail hosting sunbathing soirees at your villa all afternoon and throwing decadent masquerade balls at night.

All you’ll need is the popular vote. And a villa with all the right courtyards.

And that one we can help you with.

Presenting Palazzo Gorgoni, an eight-bedroom baroque mansion near the Adriatic coast, now awaiting your full occupation in Galatina, Italy.

The baroque style here: full of pomp and excess, and aimed squarely at tickling the senses with more courtyards than you could manage—there’s one on the ground floor ripe with lemon trees (when life hands you those, you make limoncello), another on the roof doubling as a solarium/cocktail bar with daybeds, and a third with a giant hydro massage pool built into the corner (God forbid the communal bath in your private spa runs out of space).

Then, inside, under vaulted ceilings and Doric columns, there’s a series of bedrooms at the top of a spiral staircase. Leave those for your guests. Because you’ll call the master bedroom at the end of an increasingly opulent succession of rooms—kitchen, study, art gallery, dance room—designed in classic baroque-palace fashion.

They represent your inner states.

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