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A South African Date Spot in Buckhead

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The most important thing to remember when dating: ABC.




Okay, so it’s technically ABCARTHCAORWPSAEM. But that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.

Anyway, here’s a new place in Buckhead to take someone attractive.

Get to know Yebo Restaurant & Bar, a sexy South African spot with ostrich sliders, animal-head ornaments and the lyrics to Toto’s greatest hit painted above the door, hoping to soft-open Thursday in Phipps Plaza.

This place is coming to you from the 10 Degrees South team. You’d follow those guys anywhere. Including but not limited to: a Phipps Plaza restaurant with straitjacket-dressed chairs, cheetah-print throw pillows and hanging gemsbok (the antelope’s fancier cousin) heads. Also, a wall with the stirring lyrics to Toto’s “Africa” painted on it in black. Oh, it’s “bless the rains”...

So, a date with a sense of humor. And a taste for ostrich sliders/chicken liver curry. That’s probably the type you’ll want to bring here. And when you do, start with a round of White Elephants (raspberry vodka, liqueur made from African fruit). Or some wine. They’ve got an entire wall racked with imported South African reds. Rare stuff. Assuming you don’t frequent Johannesburg.

As for where you’ll want to sit, well, the patio, naturally. Grab a breezy spot under one of their upturned German umbrellas.

No, that’s not a euphuism.

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