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A New Burger Sanctuary in Pac Heights

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Consider the ostrich.

See, it’s having a big week. Yesterday, you were having a wallet made from it. Soon, it’ll be in your burger. Saturday, it’s a backup mid-bowman in the America’s Cup World Series.

Today, though, let’s focus on that burger...

Here to expand your burger-ian horizons: Roam Artisan Burgers, a woodsy temple of make-your-own burgers and fries, opening Friday on Fillmore.

Imagine a barn. But swankier. Better lit. Date-worthy, even. And much, much, much better smelling. Much better. That’s this place.

Pop in for a quick build-your-own burger at the walnut bar. (Hint: it’s the bar with a milk-bottle art installation and an old Sonoma-train-track piece as a footrest. Hint #2: it’s also the only bar.)

If you’ve been to the Marina locale, you know how this works. Allow us to suggest ordering a Fry-Fecta (for sharing or for backup) and the truffle-parm-fries/gruyère/caramelized-onion French and Fries set. Oh, and unlike at the Marina, you can get ostrich from O.K. Corral (we can’t make this up).

As for what to wash it down with: there’re drinks soft (Straus Family Creamery milkshakes), not-soft (Anderson Valley Brewing beer) and... sort-of-soft (rosé on tap). They’ll also have prosecco on tap once the ship that’s carrying it from Italy arrives...

You know how those things go.

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