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Seven Days of Kayaking Through Baja

None Spoiler alert: you’re about to spend seven days kayaking through Baja with a guy named Manuel.

But we’re not telling you what you’ll be drinking (okay, it’s tequila).

Or where you’ll be sleeping at night (okay, it’s on a bunch of different beaches).


Fine. Presenting Kayaking the Baja Coast, your chance to explore the pristine waters of the Gulf of California from the comfort of your own tiny vessel, taking reservations now for October 20.

You know Baja. It’s that place with all the water. And the cliffs. And where Johnny Utah came across an unclaimed piece of meat that turned out to be Rosie. Well, that’s where you’re going. And you might want to bring some Coppertone.

Because soon enough, you’ll meet up with that guy named Manuel—last name: Rodriguez—in La Paz, Mexico. He’ll be your guide. And after a quick rundown on the ins and outs of how to sit in a kayak, he’ll be leading you through seven days’ worth of seafaring madness.

Up to and including a brisk paddle through the Sea of Cortez to swim with sea lion pups, an afternoon on the Ballena Islands to check out some ancient cave paintings and a 45-foot free dive down to a sunken Chinese junk boat.

Not to mention whatever beachside bonfiring hooliganism may or may not occur at camp each night.

We hear they have good tequila down there.

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