The Sake Bar at Shokudo

Shok’ and Awe

A Secret Sake Bar in Buena Vista

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You and us, we tell each other everything.

Biggest fears. Deepest desires. Anything bacon-related.

So when someone comes to us with highly confidential news—say, news of a secret-sake-and-dumpling-bar nature—the first thing we do... is go and try some dumplings.

Second thing we do... is betray their trust and tell you all about it.

Take a look at The Sake Bar at Shokudo, a covert spot to sip daiginjo, slurp ramen and be all incognito, now open in Buena Vista.

Think of this as the polished concrete bungalow you’ll spontaneously steal away to for discreet nights filled with beer, sake and pork-stuffed gyoza. A rice wine Shangri-La made of white marble, recycled wood and endlessly topped-off chokos. Yup, that ol’ number.

Of course, before you can eat here, you’ll have to find it. Here’s a hint. It’s in the back corner of Shokudo’s courtyard. North of the Design District. Look for a gallery-like space that used to house an old convenience store. That’s it. Also, we don’t understand the meaning of the word “hint.”

Now that you’re inside, time for you and your date to drink some sake (they’ve got 15 kinds available). And eat some beer (the house ramen is cooked in a Sapporo broth). And do it all far from the prying eyes of John Q. Public.

Guy’s got a big mouth.


The Sake Bar at Shokudo
4740 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33137


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