The Tomorrow Never Dies of Fishing Trips

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You know how it works.

Throw a line in the water. Drink canned things. Wait. Drink more canned things.


But what if we told you there was another way. A better way.

A way that involves waterfall hot tubs. And picnics on top of glaciers.

Oh yeah, and helicopters...

Bait a hook and get to the chopper for Heli-Fishing at Nimmo Bay, a harrowing sojourn through the wilds of Canada involving anything from fishing and stream-hopping via helicopter to four-course dinners and fireside martinis, taking reservations now for trips through October 20.

This is what happens when a few cocktail-forward Canadians channel their inner Hemingway, get a pilot’s license and develop an insatiable taste for wild Pacific salmon. And deem you the beneficiary.

Once you book a two-to-four-day trip, it’s off to the Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort in British Columbia. Upon arrival, drop your bags off in your private cabin and head to the dock. It’s the one with a fire pit in the middle and all the whiskey.

Come morning, you’ll grab breakfast at the lodge and gear up (they’ll let you borrow their waders and poles). Then... it’s time. Time to jump in your helicopter for a full day of flying around, fishing stream-to-impossibly-remote-stream and lunching on top of a 10,000-year-old glacier.

And yes, a waterfall-adjacent hot tub will be waiting for you back at the resort.

Use it for good.

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