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Bedding Down Like a Feudal Lord

None 7 Photos Château de Lerse

Yes, that’s a word. But more than that, it’s a lifestyle.

One of French country castles, self-contained agricultural systems and wild boat trips fueled by never-ending cognac.

Add it all up, and it’s a nobleman’s idea of a bed-and-breakfast.

Welcome to Château de Lerse, a 15th-century castle converted from Dark Ages stag pad to forward-thinking B&B, taking reservations now in the Pérignac countryside.

Take a four-bedroom limestone manor surrounded by 260 acres of verdant meadows and rolling artichoke fields. Add a small wine cellar, access to Courvoisier headquarters via motor scooter and private boat rides down the Charente River with some ladies of the manor, and you’ve got limitless long-weekend possibilities.

You’ll wake up to sunlight pouring in through massive French windows, and roll off your handcrafted Vi-Spring mattress (it’s the Rolls-Royce of beds) into a brave new world of breakfast... from a hot-air balloon. Floating high in the French clouds along with you: goblets of fresh melon plucked from the castle gardens and sausage made from local “panda” cows, a rare white-striped breed selected for its mild temperament and exceptional succulence.

Panda cows... Yep.

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