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At Last, a Rock-Themed Cocktail Bar

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Your rider is demanding.

The white rose petals at your feet. The bowls of green M&M’s. The Russian caviar on the buffet.

And yet, you can never seem to find a good rock-themed cocktail.

Well, now you can. Presenting the new TNT Bar, soft-opening early next week in Arlington, permits pending.

This looks a bit like where the Ramones might have hung out backstage—and not just because they’ve got a poster on the wall, along with AC/DC and Pearl Jam. Also, because you’ll sit amid graffiti art and a red, gothic-looking chandelier.

Your drinks are the work of Todd Thrasher, the cocktail maestro (and music geek) behind PX. And he’ll give you a choice: half the list pays tribute to some of his favorite drinks from bars around the country. The other half, to his favorite bands. To wit: The Sweetest Thing (vodka, mint syrup, ginger beer), the Slash-motivated Cocktail Left on the Nightstand (flat Coke, smoked Jack Daniel’s) and an Avett Brothers–inspired drink made with pinecones from his yard.

And like PX, this bar is attached to an Eamonn’s, so you can pair your drinks with Hangover Chips (with chili and egg) or a burger topped with salami and chicken.

From which you’ll eventually have to go cold turkey.


2413 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA, 22204


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