Two if by Sea

Ocean-Inspired Gear by Way of Spain

None In just a minute here, we’re going to get you into some new pants.

So hang tight. We trust you’ll find them to your liking.

But first, let’s take a moment to reflect upon the ocean.

Don’t look at us like that.

Yes... the ocean. You see, it’s the inspiration behind those pants you’re about to wear. And without it, you’d have to find different pants to wear.

Which, as you’re about to find out, would simply be unacceptable.

Presenting TwoThirds, a new compendium of boardshorts, imperial blue chinos and other ocean-inspired hardware from a few planet-saving Spaniards with a serious thing for making you look miraculous, available online now.

Two-thirds. That’s how much of the earth’s surface the ocean takes up. Which is a lot. Which is also why a few guys in San Sebastián decided to start churning out all manner of surf-inspired nattiness and donating a percentage of sales to an ocean conservation organization.

Meaning the next time you slip on a pair of tobacco-brown chinos before assuming your position in front of the grill, a dolphin goes to college. And when that navy blue sailor’s jacket cinches up around your torso, a monkfish gets a brand-new swing set. And for the simple act of putting on a deep blue cotton belt...

Anyway, you see how this works.

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