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Rooftop Cocktails in Napa

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Let’s kick off the week with a little game. We say “Napa needs more...,” you say:

a) wine
b) cocktails on tap
c) Manhattan-inspired rooftops
d) raw bars
e) all of the above

If you said “e”... well, no points for originality. Also: we’ve got a place for you...

Welcome The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar at the Thomas, a three-story canteen in a former cocktail lounge and boarding house, opening Wednesday in Napa.

Below, a few scenarios when you’ll want to pull into this place...

When you’ve had enough wine.
Sure, they’ll have vino from near and far stocked in a huge, 1,300-bottle cage on the second floor. But you’ll want a cocktail—classics like Negronis and Manhattans are served on tap.

When you want to see stars.
Climb the stairs to the top-floor bar, where you can enjoy those cocktails alfresco as you overlook the Napa River.

When you want to get back to nature.
But, you know, not too back to nature—the bar has deer heads from former owner Nicola Fagiani’s brother’s hunting days adorning the walls.

When only a massive pile of crawfish will do.
The middle floor has a sizable raw bar and a wood-fired grill. Seafood platters come in three sizes, with rotating delicacies like coonstripe shrimp, tea-smoked mussels and green crawfish.

They’re like regular crawfish, only more naive.

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