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High-Altitude Ski Camping in New Zealand

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You’ve always wanted to live on a ski settlement in the Alps.

The problem: there’s no such thing as a ski settlement, and the snow in the Alps is disappointing at the moment—at least in the ones you’re thinking of.

The solution: Helicamp, a new cluster of makeshift, overnight ski tents and snow caves in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, taking reservations now for September and October.

This new ski-in, ski-out concept was born when the only heli-ski operator in this remote section of Mount Cook had a realization: you’d enjoy these runs a lot more if accessing them didn’t require multiple helicopter trips. So they built tents on various mountain plateaus, letting you string together days of wilderness-skiing from a hibernation den of your choosing.

Our pick: a high-altitude tent encampment on a ridge crest overlooking steep valley runs painted with orange, sunset-y hues. There’s also the option of camping under the snowpack, huddling with your cavemates in a man-dug ditch.

Dig out a jacuzzi pocket at your own risk.

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