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Punch Bowls and Cocktails on Geary

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It’s Friday. Always a good day to plan an escape.

We’re thinking somewhere like Europe. In fact, we found a place that’s literally like Europe...

Meet The Mortimer, a moody new cocktail lounge just overflowing with European traveler types staying at the Hotel Adagio, now open on Geary.

You know the Adagio. You may have had a drink there at Cortez (or Bar Adagio) once upon a time. Well, this is the successor to those watering holes—only it’s been moved street-side (next to some huge, 16-foot windows) and has a more Spanish-Moroccan feel. And an LED-lit back bar. (LEDs: huge in Spain.)

Start with a whiskey/habanero Smoking Gun or a rum-spiked South Pacific punch bowl from the bar and move to one of the high-backed sofas to practice your diplomacy skills. If all goes well, you’ll lead your new friend past the bar and over to the theater room for more privacy.

Right, the theater room: it’s got leathery walls, mystique-enhancing thick curtains and a circular theater sofa perched under the dimly lit chandelier. This is where you’ll sit and summon, say, filet mignon with lobster butter.

Lobster butter also enhances mystique.

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