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LACMA’s New Palace of Spiked Milkshakes

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Every time you’re at LACMA, you have to marvel at the spectacular artistry.

The Ruschas. The Renoirs. The spiked milkshakes...

They look so real, you can practically taste them.

Oh, hey, they are real. And they are spectacular. Take a guided tour of C+M—your modern new hall of coffee, ice cream sandwiches and spiked milkshakes. It’s now open on a sunny LACMA courtyard, and there are a few different times of day when you might want to pop in here.

Morning: And the first involves the paper, some Intelligentsia and a table out under the blue sky. You might not officially be getting culture without going inside, but you’re definitely culture-adjacent.

Noon: Come lunchtime with coworkers, they’ve got sandwiches here—think country ham with truffle butter and gruyère. Or don’t. Instead, think “milk sorbet”—so basically thick, rich ice cream—shoved between some chocolate chip cookies. Still a sandwich. Totally counts.

That moment around 4pm when you need something sweet, spiked... or sweet and spiked, to get you through your day: Yeah, they’ve got pies, cakes... and two changing milkshake flavors daily. It’s your choice: with booze or without. Might be berry with rum, or chocolate with whiskey.

Critics are hailing it as a postmodern deconstruction of milkshakes.


5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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