Piccante Punch

Served Up

Drinking Tequila from a Mug Made of Ice

None On the rocks.



All of the above: viable ways to order your tequila.

There’s just one problem. Your glass.

It’s not an iceberg.

Introducing the Piccante Punch, a fiery tequila concoction that’s served in a mammoth mug of solid ice, available now off-menu at Double Zero.

Tequila. A drink best served cold (see: margarita, frozen). We know this. The industrious lads at Double Zero know this. It’s why they’re now offering a special batch of the stuff inside a glass-shaped glacier.

First, there’s the cocktail. It’s spicy. Absurdly spicy (infusing tequila with Calabrian chilies will do that to a drink). It’s also got ginger beer, blackberry syrup and a splash of pistachio liqueur. (You like where this is going.) Then, there’s the mug. It’s... well, it’s made of water that’s been molded into a beer mug (complete with handle) and frozen. Bring mittens.

Also, bring someone you don’t mind sharing a straw with. Because this off-menu offering is big enough for two. And because if you don’t drink it fast enough... it’s going to melt.

That’s just ice being ice.


Piccante Punch
available at Double Zero
5825 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30328

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