Amber Dhara

Truth or Dhara

An Indian Cocktail Den in the Mission

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Bigger is better.

Drinking is good for you.

These two things may or may not be true. But we want them to be true. And so does this place...

Presenting Amber Dhara, a massive, massive new spot from the Amber India people, now open to meet your considerable Indian food and medicinal cocktailing needs.

Let’s start with Amber India. You’ve probably been there for a work lunch or two. Well, this is its more Bollywood-y cousin. Saffron and mustard walls. Bright leather sofas. The mild possibility of someone breaking into a three-hour song.

There are two floors here, each with a distinct personality. The bottom’s more casual, with communal tables and a bar/lounge area. You’ll want to come here for restorative drinks and small plates with colleagues after work. Then there’s the upstairs, home to a more traditional dinner setup, where you can woo a date over plates of spiced pork belly made by a chef who learned his trade in... India, of all places.

As for those medicinal drinks. The cocktails are all ayurvedic, which means they follow an ancient Hindu medicinal system designed to get your body’s systems into balance and harmony. Apparently, it also entails muddling herbs and spices into elixirs, meaning your goji/lemongrass/coconut water Blessed Monk has a secret ingredient: vodka.

It’s fully recommended by zero out of 10 doctors.

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