Things to do for July 19, 2012

The Weekender

Hot Towels, Breaking Bad and Honoring the Belgians

Once a weekend, always a weekend.

Half-Price Shaves and Trims

Half-Price Shaves and Trims

Men have needs. Like, say, haircuts. And straight-razor shaves. And beard trims. And when such services are 50% off, even better. Right now, you can score a half-price annual membership to the brand-new Gents Place in Dallas. Think of it as an investment. For your hot-towel future.

Cigars and Rum at the Living Room Bar

Cigars and Rum at the Living Room Bar

Cuba. Sounds like a good time. It’s also sort of far away and not that easy to get to. So the next best thing: Thursday night at the Living Room Bar. There’s Latin music, hand-rolled cigars, rotating liquor flights and, best of all, no need to pass through customs.

Another Vehicle Full of Tacos

Another Vehicle Full of Tacos

It’s a new week, and with it, another taco truck. In this case: Taco Party. Their specialty: traditional Mexico City fare like marinated-overnight al pastor and a Baja-style fish taco topped with jicama relish. Now there’s something you don’t eat every day.

Breaking Bad on Sundown’s Rooftop

<em>Breaking Bad</em> on Sundown’s Rooftop

The best way to watch Breaking Bad: with $3 beers and $4 tacos. And Sundays, that’s all happening on a rooftop. The one at Sundown. So sit back, angle toward the huge projection screen and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun. Or meth dealing and murder.

Celebrating Belgium with a Beer Dinner

Celebrating Belgium with a Beer Dinner

Sure, you’re still recovering from Bastille Day. But hey, don’t sleep on Belgium. Their independence day’s important, too. And the Libertine knows this. So they’re throwing a beer-fueled, five-course dinner (think smoked herring and Belgian waffles). And you’re invited. Which is great. Belgium’s, like, your sixth favorite European country.

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