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The good news is that the temperature will be in the high 40s the rest of the week. The bad news is that snow melts above 32 degrees. What were once big piles of fluffy blizzard remnants are fast becoming knee-deep puddles of dark slush—just the thing to ruin your new wingtips.

Time to put style aside and pick up a pair of NEOS Overshoes, inspired by and built for Manhattan post-snowstorm survival. These boots, which actually go over your normal shoe, are what would happen if Hummer decided to manufacture footwear.

Disgruntled banker Willy Nash and his entrepreneurial friend Scott Hardy formed the New England Overshoe Company as a direct result of Willy's hatred for both NYC slush and clumsy galoshes. Following some paper napkin planning at (where else) a bar and some more scientific prototype building and testing, their overshoes went into production.

There are more than a dozen styles to choose from, all of which are about infinitely more adept at handling NY puddles than your just-shined dress shoes. Serious pedestrians will go directly for the Navigator, the more casual walker will be content with the less aggressive Villager, and the Uptowner is the stylish pick for those who feel that this is all just too rugged for them.

Now you can go back to enjoying the weather where it was meant to be enjoyed—outside your shoes.


NEOS Overshoes
660 Madison Ave
(at 61st St)
Upper East Side
New York, NY, 10065

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