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Spiked Pasta Comes to Venice

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If there’s an Italian grandmother anywhere near you right now, tell her to look away.

Go ahead. We’ll wait. (And we won’t ask why you’re hanging out with Italian grandmothers.)

Okay. So there’s a new spot in Venice that’s getting sort of blasphemous with their pasta. As in... they’re spiking it.

Introducing Superba Snack Bar, an open-air cube of scallops, beer sangria and, yes, spiked pasta, opening Thursday in Venice.

Just look for a sign that looks like it’s made up of big Scrabble tiles: S-U-P-E-R-B-A. Hey, that’s 13 points. Also, it marks the place you’ll want to go with a bunch of friends after a leisurely beach day, when everybody’s hungry for fried duck eggs, sweet corn gazpacho and futuristic pasta—the rigatoni’s made with rye, there’s amaro in the agnolotti sauce—from Jason Neroni (Osteria La Buca). To drink: beer sangria, an unholy mix of Belgian white ale, prosecco and apricot juice. Or just... a beer.

Technically, you could down this stuff inside or outside. Inside goes full loft-dweller (funky wallpaper, chrome-heavy open kitchen, towering ceilings), and the patio looks like a pool deck, with a row of teal-tile seating. Un-technically, though, the wall of windows between the two spaces will usually be opened up entirely, so it’s one big, breezy spiked-pasta party.

No need to let technicalities get in the way of spiked pasta.

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