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An Aquatic Dance Paradise in SoMa

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Sure, the weekend was just, um... yesterday.

So naturally, we want to talk about... next weekend.

And how you could be spending it with mermaids.

Meet Qi Ultralounge, a swank new cocktail lounge/dance spot/mermaid trap, opening Saturday in SoMa.

First, let’s say what this place doesn’t have: windows. Don’t worry, because here’s what it does have: airy white sofas. Undulating waves on the walls. (Actually, video projections, but still.) Photos of underwater women doing... underwater things. Oh, and a “custom scent”—the whole venue’s designed to smell of ocean breeze and plumeria. (Funny, that’s exactly how we imagine Captain Stubing smelled.)

What you’ll do here: dance. There’ll always be a DJ spinning tunes, occasionally accompanied by a live sax, violin or vocalist. To fuel said dancing, you could grab one of those circular sofas (along with bottle service). Or summon some cocktails—perhaps the vodka/tomato water Hell Mary or the vodka/sake/coconut Sea Foam.

Sadly not served with a tiny Daryl Hannah.

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