Tie This On for Size

Pink Introduces the Commuter Series

Admit that on some level you were hoping the "murse" would catch on.

All that bonus storage room for your portables would be a welcome alternative to bulging pockets (and enough "happy to see me" jokes to last you a lifetime).

Luckily Thomas Pink has been blazing trails in boardroom fashion again—this time merging threads and technology with its new Commuter Series.

The clean, modern white Commuter Shirt has a hidden pocket just above the waist where you can tuck your Blackberry, cellphone, or iPod, along with a channel along the placket for headphone wiring. This also means that you won't need to change shirts (or risk being unstylish) if you are in the middle of a Wall Street investigation and need to get all wired up.

The silk Commuter Tie (in red, pink and navy) features a strategically placed pocket on the underside of the tie, sized perfectly for an iPod nano, a quick 20, or if you're a real gentleman, your date's lipstick.

Just keep in mind, concealing your nano in a Pink tie is in good taste. Referring to it as your "tie-Pod" is not.

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