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Channeling Istanbul in FiDi

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Turkey. Where East meets West. Where Istanbul was Constantinople. Where... well, that’s pretty much what we know about Turkey.

Actually, one more thing: they seem to make some good lunch spots. Specifically, this good lunch spot...

Allow us to present Machka, a Turkish-leaning eatery dishing out lamb burgers and kebabs paired with crisp wines from the homeland, opening Monday in FiDi.

This place looks a bit like a covert tavern—with the requisite chandelier, wood communal table and really old exposed brick wall. (This one is allegedly 150 years old, though we couldn’t find anyone from 1862 to verify this intel.)

We see you coming here on one of two occasions. The first: a quick power lunch—the kind meant more for crossing t’s and dotting i’s than for delivering the hard sell. Grab a two-top near the floor-to-ceiling window, take in the view and order a celebratory Kalecik Karasi. (It’s a Turkish wine; feel free to just point to it on the menu.)

Or come here for a more intimate type of deal-closing. Grab a drink next door at Taverna Aventine, then swing by and take a spot on the sidewalk, in the shadow of the Transamerica. Order up some grilled octopus, beef kebabs or lamb burgers—the chef used to cook up steak at Epic Roasthouse, so you’re in good hands.

Kebab-stained hands, but still.


584 Washington St
(at Montgomery St)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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