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A Splash of Madrid in... North Hollywood

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Allow us to throw out some keywords, and you can guess where we’re talking about.

Paella. Sherry. Bulls. Spanish wine.

Okay, that last one was probably a giveaway. But if you guessed Spain, sorry. Wrong.

We’re talking about Magnolia Boulevard.

Take a look around Bow & Truss, a grand Spanish-accented tavern of cheese, meats and cocktails from the Federal Bar crew, now soft-open over the hill.

Upon arrival, you’ve got two options:

Go inside: If you’re here with a bunch of friends or coworkers to escape the screaming Valley temps, you’ll want a big booth in the airy, industrial brick-and-concrete main room. On your table: plates and plates of seafood, tacos and paella under the protective gaze of a bull. Obviously there was going to be a painting of a bull.

Don’t go inside: If it’s date night on a warm (but not too warm) evening, stick to the inviting patio out front. To the right is a convivial cluster of benches and a bar, so grab a smaller umbrella-covered table to the left if you want a little breathing room.

Either way: You’ll want a cocktail or three. Your bar guys are Aidan Demarest and Marcos Tello (you know, from Seven Grand, and on and on), and they’ve been busy concocting Sherry Cobblers (yes, there are berries) and Horse Thief Old Fashioneds (scotch, sherry and absinthe).

This doesn’t mean you condone horse-stealing.


Bow & Truss
11122 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA, 91601


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