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A WeHo Hardware Store Turned Date Spot

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Nails. A hammer. A thing to attach a doohickey to another thing.

These are things you find at a hardware store.

Pork belly. Gin. A magical courtyard.

These are things you do not find at a hardware store.

Until—you guessed it—now.

Take a look at the rustic splendor of Laurel Hardware—a secret garden of red meats and infused cocktails under the sign of an old hardware store—soft-open today in West Hollywood.

First, yes, this used to be a legit hardware store, and that’s the old sign still overhead out front. Only now, you probably shouldn’t show up in a tool belt.

Because what’s inside is rather stunning. Up front is pretty nice and all, with a large, white counter and the promise of a hearty lunch. Nothing wrong there.

But down the hall at the back is what’ll really grab you—a big, sexy space with roomy booths, houndstooth lounge chairs and wood floors from the Coney Island boardwalk. If you’re here with a bunch of friends to grab some eggplant pizza, soft-shell crab and grilled peaches over profound discussion about plastering, take over one of the communal tables.

But most importantly, this place could come in handy for a date-type situation. Because even farther back is a totally hidden little courtyard filled with Tuscan Sunsets (gin, lemon, Aperol, Thai basil and black peppercorn) and ancient olive trees.

No assembly required.


Laurel Hardware
7984 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90046


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