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Five High-Adrenaline Date Ideas

Dating Rule #578: a little adventure goes a long way. See what your date is made of and head to the mountains, the sea—or perhaps invade a bee colony or two. And since the best dates include cocktails, fireplaces and hot tubs, we’ve included those, too...

Becoming the Bee Whisperer

Becoming the Bee Whisperer

The Challenge: Donning a full bodysuit to invade colonies of 60,000 Italian honeybees and extract honey.
The Risk: A “Macaulay Culkin in My Girl” situation.
The Reward: Hot-tub-side, vodka-spiked honey lemonade—and bonus points for treating her to a Lavender Honey Wrap.

Kayaking and Oysters in Point Reyes

Kayaking and Oysters in Point Reyes

The Challenge: Paddling around harbor seals, bat rays and the occasional swell.
The Risk: Capsizing in 50-degree water.
The Reward: BBQ, oysters and bubbly in your waterfront cottage. Also: breakfast in bed. Also: whatever happens between oysters and breakfast in bed.

Riding the Rapids in the Truckee River

Riding the Rapids in the Truckee River

The Challenge: Navigating the mighty Class III-plus rapids of the Truckee River.
The Risk: Getting wet. Really, really, really wet.
The Reward: Wine tasting in the Truckee River Winery—at 5,600 feet elevation, where one drink is the sea-level equivalent of two. Remember to towel off first.

Rock Climbing in Yosemite

Rock Climbing in Yosemite

The Challenge: Employing belay devices, harnesses and ropes to climb rock walls. (What you do with these later is your call.)
The Risk: A latent development of acrophobia.
The Reward: Cocktailing in the Great Lounge beside the walk-in-sized fireplace.

Training for the Triple Crown

Training for the Triple Crown

The Challenge: Visit the farm section of the estate that was an Olympic equestrian training center and practice everything from jumping to polo.
The Risk: A certain barnyard-y aroma.
The Reward: Small bites from Bouchon paired with Kenzo’s wine. Also known as date catnip.

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