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When you get some pork belly in your mouth, it’s like you can see the angels coming down from above.

Well, that or you’re in a restaurant with some angels painted on the ceiling. Same difference, really.

Oh, hey look: those angels are pointing the way up toward a rooftop hideout...

Take your first look around Kitchen Table, a romantically off-kilter dining spot for your next Downtown dinner date, officially opening Monday.

You’ll come here on a nice night, step inside and think, okay, this place has a certain kind of funky, charming randomness. It only seats a few people in here, and it looks sort of Old Europe, with blue and yellow doors and a ceiling covered with frescoes of angels. You could have a seat here under those cherubic gazes. And that would be fine.


Because really, we’d recommend you head upstairs to the larger, totally hidden rooftop retreat. Think sunsets and candles and old movies like La Dolce Vita flickering on the wall of the next-door building. This is where you two will want to settle in for a bottle of Sonoma red (they’ve got a lot), some leg of lamb and pork belly with fried green tomatoes.

And hope the movie isn’t Fried Green Tomatoes.

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