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Enso Opens in South Beach

You'll take a good idea, no matter where it comes from.

It's why you watch Mad Men, even though it's stuck between Jodie Foster movies on AMC.

So open your mind to Enso, a creative juggernaut just opened on not-so-creative-juggernaut-heavy Lincoln Road.

From the outside the restaurant seems no different than the scores of surf-and-turf joints that line the South Beach mall. Booming world music, coconut shell tables and red couches are stylish enough, but a closer look at the menu (and trust us, this menu requires a very close look) reveals an eatery that yearns to experiment.

The four chefs working in the kitchen/laboratory honed their skills at El Bulli in Spain, so there's plenty of liquid nitrogen and thermomix action to satisfy your adventurous side. Dishes like the hamachi apple terrine with pine nut crisps share space with mad-scientist concoctions like gouda caviar and foie gras popcorn. Oh, and we should mention it's all inspired by artists like Van Gogh, Dali and Picasso. (An absinthe dish is dedicated to Dali, while foie gras-stuffed chicken is said to be a Picasso fave.)

There's also a conventional sushi menu available, presided over by a former Nobu chef, should you be feeling a bit more Benihana than Adria.

Because in any grand experiment, there's always room for spicy tuna.


Enso Restaurant
433 Lincoln Rd
(between Washington and Drexel)
Lincoln road
Miami, FL, 33139

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