Ramón Puig Guayaberas

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Linen Shirts from a Cuban Legend

A brief review of some exemplary contributions from the Cuban culture:

1) Cuban cigars.
2) Cuban sandwiches.
3) Cuban, Mark (note: may not technically be Cuban).

But mostly, shirts that can survive a Miami summer.

Tip your Panama hat to Ramón Puig Guayaberas, a renowned linen-shirt spot with a legendary clientele list, now soft-open and grand-opening tomorrow in Downtown.

If you’ve ever sipped rum... by a pool... during the months of June through August... you’ve probably heard of/worn Ramón Puig. Also, you’ve probably stopped by their shop in Little Havana. Well, now they’re opening a second location. And it’s bigger (more space). Better (more shirts). Plus... bigger.

The store is pretty much an ode to a bygone era: vintage photos of Cuban landmarks, repurposed floor tile from an old Caribbean Catholic church and racks upon racks of neatly hung linen numbers crafted in the classic four-pocket style. Also, crafted by the same man who tailored guayaberas for Hemingway, De Niro and a bunch of ex-presidents (hey, if it’s good enough for the leader of the free world...).

So, right now, when the humidity is hanging up somewhere in the 90% range, that’s when you need these. They’re available in white. Or pinstripe. And long sleeve. Or short sleeve. And they’re pretty much the most breathable button-downs you can put on your body.

Unless you’re willing to wear mesh.


Ramón Puig Guayaberas
24 W Flagler St
Miami, FL, 33130

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