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The Oldest Inn on ACK. Now a Bit Newer.

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The right thing to do today: put your head down, ignore the gorgeous day and just get on with work.

The wrong thing to do: focus on the gorgeous weather to come this weekend, and how to spend it on Nantucket.

Come on, let’s get wrong...

Presenting the Essex Room, your new ACK haven for antelope prints and backyard s’mores, now open.

What you have here is the historic grand dining room of the oldest hotel on the island (i.e., the Jared Coffin House). Only modernized a bit. Think: hanging window frames, earthy tones, a mother-of-pearl black wall, even an antelope-print designer rug. Ta-da.

To start, you’ll want to use the unmarked, semisecret entrance to the lounge area from Center Street. Once inside, grab a marble high-top with that island tennis pro you’ve been “courting” and settle in with a One Night Stand (locally distilled vodka, Cointreau, muddled watermelon).

Or if you’re off the whole liquid-diet/one-night-stand thing, you can grab some friends and a communal table in the main dining room. There, you’ll feast on Prince Edward Island mussels with applewood bacon and Pernod, followed by some Campfire S’mores with housemade fluff out on the 60-seat terrace.

Fact: terraces are the best spot for housemade fluff.

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