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Sausages and Pies in the Mission

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Jack and Jill.

Holmes and Watson.

Loggins and Messina.

Perhaps some of the greatest duos of all time.

But even these guys have nothing on—wait for it—sausage and pie...

About that last one: Pig and Pie, a gloriously simple eatery focused on, yep, handmade sausages and pies, slated to open by Wednesday in the Mission.

You’ll find it in the old Discolandia spot (actually, the sign’s still there, so easy enough). But instead of rows of CDs, you’ll find a deli-style eatery replete with rows of two-tops and walls lined with hot-dog-bun trays and framed butcher-shop prints. (You’ve always suspected pork chops were art.)

Grab a stool at the counter overlooking the kitchen, where you can literally see how your sausage gets made. (You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

Your options include the traditional bratwurst, plus more daring daily specials like pickled beef tongue or the spicy Italian with Calabrian chili. (To dull the burn: there are four local beers on tap, including North Coast Brewing’s saison.)

Then: pie. Cayenne-spiced pecan pie. Zesty lemon pie. Seasonal pies like blueberry and peach.

And here you thought peach pie was timeless.


Pig and Pie
2962 24th St
(at Harrison)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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