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A Patriotic Bar Where You Pour Your Own Beer

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America. Great country.

Land of the free.

Home of the brave.

Also, home of the bar with self-service beer taps.

Introducing American Social, a brand-new corner tavern where you’ll come to live the American dream (you know, pouring your own pint and pretending you’re Tom Cruise in Cocktail), soft-open now on Las Olas.

The founding fathers. If there was one thing they were staunch supporters of, it was no taxation without representation. If there was another, it was the right to fill one’s own beer (John Hancock, a whiz with the draft tap).

And that’s exactly what you’ll do here. March dutifully past the vintage Life magazine covers on the Chicago-brick walls and the Stars and Stripes–bedecked couches to a handsome ipe wood bar. Stop. Flag down the bartender. Don’t order a drink. Instead, ask for a key. Specifically, the magnetic one that operates the six frosty beer towers on the wall to your left.

Begin to pour. Maybe some Shiner Ruby Redbird. Maybe some Ommegang Abbey Ale. Maybe you’ll mix them both and create Frankenbeer. It’s a free country, do what you want.

But if you’re thinking about gathering a group and coming here for Game 5, what you’ll want is a reservation for one of the corner booths. They’ve got a four-tap lazy Susan built right into the table.

USA, still the worldwide leader in lazy Susan technologies.


American Social
721 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301


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