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Pizzas and Bocce in Healdsburg

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The thing about wine country: there’s a lot of wine.

The thing about wine: it goes really well with pizza.

The thing about pizza: not a ton of it in wine country.

The thing about this place: you probably guessed by now...

Welcome to Campo Fina, a handsome new Italian spot in the heart of Healdsburg, now open.

You’re going to come here for one of two reasons. To either:

1) Seduce a date over some expertly chosen wine. Grab the tufted-red-leather Godfather booth (ask for it by name, it’s by the front window) and call forth some wood-oven-charred octopus antipasti and margherita pizzas. The whole place was a turn-of-the-century saloon; feel free to leave your boots and spurs at home.

2) Absolutely dominate at bocce. Okay, sure, you can sit outside, order a couple pints of Russian River Brewing’s Redemption at the concrete bar, make small talk with your date. (The whole thing is modeled after an Italian piazza. And obviously piazzas = date catnip.) But sooner or later, you’re making your way to the regulation-size bocce court and taking down all comers.

Fun job, regulating bocce courts.


Campo Fina
330 Healdsburg Ave
(at North St)
Healdsburg, CA, 95448


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